Matt Hughes: 11 Inch Fuck Stud – Full Movie (2009)

Hanging out watching some porn, Matt gets a bit horny and invites his buddy Kai Cruz over to have a bit of fun. Well it doesn’t take long before Kai has unleashed Matt’s enormous cock and begins to suck him. Matt returns the favor and the two enjoy a nice round of sucking before Kai lies down and lets Matt drive his cock deep inside him. Matt pounds away as his balls slap against Kai’s tight ass. As Matt pounds away he jacks off Kai before pulling out and drops a huge load across Kai’s face, leaving him drenched in cum!
Ashley Ryder is tidying up the bar while he watches Matt sweep and clean the floor. The two eye each other up and before you know it Ashley has the cock between his hands and licks the big shaft. Ashley does a great job and manages to take very inch down his throat! It’s really fucking hot and had me hard as a rock! Not only can Ashley take it down his throat but manages every inch in his boy hole until the two drop some big juicy loads.
An extremely hot threesome finds Matt in the arms of two adorable twinks, Alex Stevens and Phillipe Delvaux. The three undress one another and Alex begins to work over Phillipe and Matt’s throbbing cocks. Alex, ripped and looking hotter then ever, gets serviced by Matt, while he continues to suck Phillipe, and there’s plenty of great sucking action all around. Alex bottoms for Phillipe while Matt watches the two and plays with himself. It doesn’t end there though and Matt gets to ram Phillipe’s hot ass and ends with the three jerking off.
Ben Taylor arrives at Matt’s place and the two instantly begin groping one another. Ben’s got a big, thick tool between his legs as well, and the two horny studs suck one another silly. Bent over, Ben takes Matt from behind and gets the fuck of a lifetime!
Lukas Layton admits to having a crush on Matt so it’s only fitting that Matt lets him worship his mighty cock! Lukas savors every inch of the big cock and gently teases it with his tongue. After some enjoyable sucking Matt splits the boys ass apart and works his magic.
I have to admit I love a huge cock and you don’t get much bigger then 11” Matt Hughes that’s for sure! This is truly hot!

Rates : 6

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