EuroCreme – 11 Inch Fuck Stud (2007)

“Eurocreme’s biggest star at 11″, Matt Hughes and his breathtaking dick have taken the industry by storm, appearing in countless productions here at Eurocreme, the bestselling StraightBoy featured this hung stallion, Matt is one of the most recognizable lads of recent times. Having the spotlight well and truly focused on his appendage, we’re giving you his top five scenes all in one space, featuring RudeBoiz 8: Hung Ladz XXL, Hung Ladz: Ripped and Indie Boyz 2 among others, Matt will make sure you’re empty of every drop of spunk before he’s done.

Horse hung Matt gets his huge dick throbbing while watching some straight porn and invites his mate Kai over for a dual wank. Wanting more that that, Kai rips open Matt’s jeans with his teeth and pulls out the nearly foot-long cock and quickly takes as much down his eager throat as possible. Not only is it so long, but really thick as well, making it the most perfect dick ever. Cropped Kai leaks his pre-cum everywhere as both sexy lads get ready for a real ass ramming session. Lubed up and ready to go, Kai lays back and lets Matt push his entire length deep into his tight butt, slamming it home so his balls slap hard against his ass. Emptying his balls all over the tough lads face, Matt drenches him in hot jets of spunk, soaking him completely.

Matt Hughes and his stunning cock returns and this time Ashley Ryder has the honor of getting filled up like never before by pure cock! Matt’s gorgeous straight lad looks, slim body and hairy chest, giving way to his unbelievably huge dick is every man’s dream fuck. Deep throating this monstrous cock, Ashley shows off all he’s learned, making sure this hung hottie is left well and truly satisfied. Mercilessly pushing his dick into his bottom buddy, Matt is here to get off, and Ashley’s butt makes the perfect place to do it, ramming his mighty meat all the way inside, you’ll be shooting before you know it.

Hooking up in the club, these three lads are in for a long night full of hot sex and rampant butt fucking that will leave us all exhausted! Matt Hughes and his famous 11 inch dick are back and in fine form as it gets shared around Czech superstar Alex Stevens and curly haired Philipe. Alex is looking so buff, his abs rippling with muscle, and his biceps bulging beyond belief! Sucking Matt’s meat, he takes as much as that handsome face can manage before his ass slowly opens up with Philipe’s rather thick meat as Matt shares his around and gets his tongue around Alex’s rock hard cock! Proving highly versatile, Philipe proceeds to take all Matt has to offer and the cum showers begin!

This will blow your mind, cute straight looking Matt and big dicked Ben have one of the hottest RudeBoiz scenes ever, Matt’s 11 inch cock gets the full workout, sucked, licked, then rammed all the way inside tough young stud Ben. Both hot scally boys have toned bodies with a delicious smattering of chest hair, showing just how straight these horny fuckers are. The size of this dick is truly amazing and will go down in history for the horniest session ever recorded. Sucking as much dick as possible, Ben gets on his knees and gets his head pushed down onto the waiting cock, getting it nice and wet before he’s bent over and has the fuck of his lifetime. Matt mercilessly rams into Ben from tip to hilt, forcing him to take all his got, making him moan with the kind of pleasurable pain we all love to hear.

Confessing his crush, skinny blond twink Andy lets Matt in on his secret, and he’s totally flattered. Moving out, there’s nothing to lose with a bit of big dick fun, and Andy gladly obliges! Matt’s rock hard dick proves just what a weapon it is as he lets loose on Andy and fucks his ass as hard as ever, slamming it home again and again, flipping the boy over and over as he gets his fill of ass, and Andy gets filled with dick! Spurting whilst Matt grinds hard, his face is then the target of streams of cum.”

Rates : 2

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