BlakeMason – RJ & Zach G

Well, the “shaved head” look has definitely taken over the site this week as we welcome back the gorgeous RJ and the newbie Zach G! That said, RJ did succumb to my requests last time he was here to grow his body hair back and man, it sure does suit him. And what a great pairing these two guys made as well ;-) Zach looked almost as nervous at the beginning of this shoot as he did in his solo but with my usual jovial intro, he was soon smiling and grabbed RJ’s hand for comfort. From then on in the guys pretty much forgot there were three cameras pointing at them and the natural chemistry between them proved real strong. In fact I think it’s fair to say they totally hit it off :-) The touching, kissing and caressing is manly and very passionate; their cocks are throbbing; the sucking is determined; the rimming is intense; the face sitting is breathtaking and hey, as RJ asked afterwards, “how did an 18 year old learn to fuck like that?” Well, how was I supposed to know young Zach was a master top, eh? Still, I don’t think RJ was complaining given the smile on his face!

Rates : 1
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